Headshot threeHello! My name is Jacob Harper, and I am a writer, journalist, and comedian.

Most recently I wrote for the third season of the Michael McKean-hosted food history show Food: Fact or Fiction, which will return to the Cooking Channel in September 2017. Come for the food puns, stay for the food puns!

Before that, I was a writer on the Science Channel show The Quick and the Curious. In one segment ate raw habaneros to show capsaicin’s effect on the human body. I wrote it so I have nobody to blame but myself. You can watch that here.

In the hallowed halls of the internet my work has appeared in VICE (US, UK, and Australia editions), McSweeney’s, Reductress, and Munchies.

I also sometimes make short videos. You can watch some of ’em here. I am also currently developing a video/cartoon pilot called Saturday Morning Science Show that will be hopefully educational and theoretically humorous.

I was born and raised in Missouri (go Tigers/Cardinals/biscuits and gravy!), went to school at their finest public institutions, and now live in Los Angeles.

P.S. For updates and whatnot here’s my Twitter.