Headshot threeHello! My name is Jacob Harper, and I am a writer, journalist, and comedian.

My work has appeared in VICE, McSweeney’s, Reductress, Munchies, Funny or Die, College Humor, Fox Digital, and the Travel Channel. Most recently, I was a writer on the first season of the TV show The Quick and the Curious. In one segment ate raw habaneros to show capsaicin’s effect on the human body. I wrote it so I have nobody to blame but myself. You can watch that here.

I regularly perform comedy at the iO West theater in Hollywood. I have been a member of several house teams there, and am currently a writer and performer with the Main Stage group Da Vinci.

In addition to writing and acting I also sometimes make short videos. You can watch some of ’em here. I am also currently developing a video/cartoon pilot called Saturday Morning Science Show that will be hopefully educational and theoretically humorous.

I was born and raised in Missouri (go Tigers/Cardinals/biscuits and gravy!), went to school at their finest public institutions, and now live in Los Angeles.

P.S. For updates and whatnot here’s my Twitter.